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Fishing (Trout)
If you love fishing, then Western Newfoundland and the Bay of Islands is where you need to be. Trout are also bountiful in the numerous lakes and ponds within this region. From fly casting on a brook/river to spinner casting in a pond... there's nothing that beats the feel of a bite!
Hiking in the Bay of Islands is simply breath taking. The scenic vistas that abound in this area are second to non. Numerous Trails lead into mountains and along shore lines. We provide information on all available trails, and will even guide you
to some of the best scenic attractions the region has to offer. There are trails for all ages. At Blow-Me-Down Provincial Park there is a special trail called Governors Stair Way. The stairs will take you through a naturally carved rock cave and lead you on, following a well kept trail, to the top of Flapper Hill for a panoramic view of the area.
On The Water
Kayaking and canoeing are becoming very popular with Western Newfoundland's vast expanse of wilderness and ocean areas. Paddling brings you closer to to nature. You can launch your craft right from our beach, and on good days travel to Governors island for a "get away from it all" experience.
Fishing (Deep Sea)
The Bay of Islands is know for its deep cool depths, in fact the Bay is deeper than parts of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Jigging cod, Casting for Mackerel and Herring ... A day on the bay with an experienced guide will give you the time of your life.
You can also accompany a true fisherman, hauling Lobster pots and nets.. you never know what the "catch of day" will be !
Boat Tours
Take a trip on the Bay in a true "Lark Harbour Dory". For nearly 50 years this small craft has been the main transportation for many a fisherperson in the Bay of Islands. Its flat bottom allows for easy beaching and provides a sturdy well proven means of seeing the many splendors of the region from the water.
Outdoor "Boil-up" and Campfires
A true Newfoundland experience would not be complete without a "Boil-up".
Traditionally a Boil-up is a lunch or picnic out in the woods. With the smell of an open fire and food prepared on site your taste buds will be treated to true Newfoundland Hospitality. Our Beach Campfires are usually accompanied by local musical talent that love to share the Traditional Newfoundland Music.
Photography Tour
Let us take you places which are very special. Only the locals know the best spots for picture taking. Join us on a journey of discovery and let the shutter bugs fly! From scenic Mountain vistas -to- open ocean sunsets, our area will give you camera memories not soon forgotten. So strap on the camera, take plenty of film (or digital cards), and be prepared for picture opportunities of a lifetime!
The history of the Bay of Islands is fascinating. From the first aboriginals to European explorers, this area has a bountiful offering. Ancient arrow heads,  believed to be once created by the Maritime Archaic Indians, have been discovered in the area of Bottle Cove. Captain James Cook in 1767 first charted the Bay and all of its islands and Arms. His Charts were so detailed that they could still be used today.
"OUTLANDER" - The Movie
In 2006 the Little Port cove became part of Hollywood as parts of the movie entitled "Outlander" was filmed. A lot of local people took part as extras in the movie. The theatrical version has been release in Jan 2009 in the USA. Our photo gallery has some shots of the movie location and the Viking Ship.
"It's a very scenic location and it works very well for us. We have this inlet that simulates part of a fjord. We have these spectacular cliffs and mountains with good access for getting equipment up"... Don Carmondy executive producer - Outlander.